Supporting the Colonnade Club offers members and non-members alike the opportunity to steward and protect for the future the physical and figurative heart of Mr. Jefferson’s University: Pavilion VII and the faculty. As a designated non-profit organization (501c3) operating separately from UVa, the Club is humbled and grateful for each and every gift, the resources that enable us to live out our mission.

Additionally and importantly, our ability to keep membership dues reasonable for our faculty is made possible by the generosity of donors whose gifts help with the capital expenditures incurred by furnishing, restoring, and maintaining both the public and guest rooms of Pavilion VII, as well as the full facilities of Hotel E on the West Range.

Consider making a tax-deductible gift to the Club today!

Making a contribution

You can send your contribution to the University of Virginia Fund, designated for the Colonnade Club at:

UVA Gift Processing Services
PO Box 400331
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4331

Please make your check out to UVA Fund and write Colonnade Club Gift on the memo line of the check.

Please note that making a contribution is not a valid substitute for dues or event fees.


The Club has set a goal of $250,000 for the Bicentennial Capital Campaign, to coincide with the celebration, commemoration, and planning for the University to enter into its third century financially ready to address needs and challenges.

Club donors at each of the levels below will be recognized on a commemorative Bicentennial plaque to be located in a central area of Pavilion VII at the conclusion of the campaign. There will also be a series of special events for Bicentennial donors.

Please considering helping us to steward the Club and Pavilion VII for future generations to enjoy!

  • Cornerstone - $25,000

  • Pavilion VII - $15,000

  • Lawn - $7,000

  • Garden - $5,000

  • Benefactor - $2,500

U.Va.’ s Planned Giving: Easy, Meaningful Philanthropy

U.Va. also has other ways that you can support the Colonnade Club. Along with “outright gifts,” planned giving is often a good option to consider .For many, planned giving is as simple as leaving the University a portion of their estate through a bequest. This can easily be accomplished by identifying the Colonnade Club at the University of Virginia as a beneficiary of your will, living trust, IRA, or insurance plan.

Other methods of planned giving are vehicles that pay donors an income based on their gift to the University. One of these vehicles is called a Charitable Gift Annuity, which will pay a donor a fixed income for life, based on the value of the gift and his or her life expectancy. A Charitable Remainder Trust also pays a donor an income based on the value of his or her gift. The payment to the donor is based on a rate set by the University and not by age. As with outright gifts, planned gifts may be directed to the Colonnade Club. Planned Gifts can be made in the form of cash, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, or personal property. Different assets offer different tax advantages, and it is wise to consult your financial adviser to select the best way to give.

U.Va.’s Planned Giving Office can help you determine the gift plan that will best meet your particular financial needs and your philanthropic intentions. Whichever gift option you choose, you can be certain that your support will be gratefully received.

For more information on how you can make a planned gift, please call the Development Office at 800.688.9882 or 434.924.7306, or e-mail